Thursday, October 31, 2013

Filter Bubbles Post 10/31

   After watching this video I was very shocked yet amazed that this speaker was able to understand the little details such as what type of computer you are using, your location,etc. are all crucial information to online services/search engines for they can already market something to you within your "interest" range and most of us fall for it every single day not having a clue.
   With all of this said, it really makes me wonder if social networks such as Facebook, Twitter,etc. know the definition of unity and what they feed us is anything BUT that for we all are being "filtered" differently. How are we ever going to be on the same page in regards to what's truly happening in the world if all the information we perceive is different? How will we ever know what is fact and what is complete crap put in front of us just to shut us up?
   To find a neutral search engine such as Duck Duck Go, can and will help someone looking to choose what THEY want to see for it does not keep a record of what you search for the most unlike Google, Firefox,etc.

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