Tuesday, October 1, 2013

To Be or Not To Be, Decide 10/1/13

   Why bother trying to become a better person if you can just go through life then eventually die. Hamlet is saying we as people should question why we should follow through with this given life or not because we have a lot of hardships going up against us most of the time. His personal decision to kill his uncle was one that Hamlet thought out of r a while consequentially coming to the conclusion that he needed to follow through with the plan of killing his uncle. Hamlet also argues that most of the people in this world are afraid of death and there fore try their hardest to put off death and everything that else comes with the afterlife. The overall gist of Hamlet's story is that he was a teenager at the time when he wrote this passage and already he was very upset with his uncle and contemplated suicide over a period of time. The level of meaning that Hamlet was aiming for the most would have been life/death and what is it come when we all decease off of the face of the planet. In order to personally hold myself to a higher esteem I to have to continue with the cycle of life and not give up just because something didn't go my way like Hamlet is doing. The path that I will take consists that of taking total control over my life and not steering towards the direction of someone whom is helpless and can't find their purpose in life. I'm an individual who enjoys having some struggles in life here and there because ultimately without them life honestly would be to easy for me!

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