Sunday, December 1, 2013

Paper Cut - work from 11/26/13 ( ABSENT)

  I wasn't able to turn in my Racial Profiling essay for a final revision due to not being at school that day however there are a few questions that I can answer based on the research, the overall process of writing and so on…

 After the numerous acts of editing and revising the Racial Profiling essay, I was astonished to find that each time I had to re write a passage, move some words around here and there,etc. I came across new findings and new thoughts that were crucial to the elements of the overall final paper. It was difficult at first to wrap my head around the concept of race, discrimination,sexism and profiling but after a vast amount of time just thinking about it all…it started to make sense. I guess you can say this was the climax point of my creativity/writing because once I started to connect key points to acquired information and so forthe, I couldn't stop! I do admit that yes when starting this paper it was very challenging in the sense that I hand't really known a lot about racial profiling and other race related issues but once I did my research on the issue it was so much easier to answer my own questions and what not.

What I did well:

  • Connected core issues to that of one's everyday life through examples and primary sources. 
  • I was able to take ALL the information I learned and break it down into a reasonable amount of work that then became my final paper. 
  • Through my writing, I was able to put some of my own personal experiences in this paper, I felt that I did an excellent job of relating to my readers 
  • "Put yourself in someone else's shoes" <----- Yes…I did that to the best of my ability by really thinking hard about the other race then writing from their perspective.
What I hope to improve: 

  • Use/educate myself more so on better grammar structure and word placement. I have always been the type of writer to cram everything into a lengthy paper for I want to point out ALL my findings and all other information that I think is important to whatever it is I may be writing about. 
  • Organization writing skills 
  •  Rather than just focusing on 1 topic that can be put into a paper, I want to be able to focus on multiple topics that may be different from each other but then again they obviously are going to relate to the primary issue/context of the paper I would be writing. 
It was very time consuming and took a lot of patience/hard work but I'm happy to say that I learned a lot more about race issues going on in this world today as well as racial profiling and how it to can serve good and bad purposes within our society. Sometimes we go through life not really being mindful of our surroundings thus including people and the way they act. From my own findings based on just watching different races interact with one another, I was able to find that many races use different styles of communication not just on a verbal level but physically as well. That to me was very interesting because it wasn't something I was expecting to come across.

Long story short, I now feel more aware of racial profiling going on and I as an individual can better my overall character by stepping away from the stereotype box that so many get put into everyday just because of the way they dress, talk, look,etc. I won't be that someone that turns you away just because you have a tattoo on your neck and you are black, Hispanic, White and so on… 

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