Thursday, May 8, 2014

Creative Writing (Beginnings 2) post 5/8/14

  When it comes down to creativity and just writing in general, writing gets me thinking because my mind thinks as a whole. It's not just 1 subject that I hyper focus on but instead many emotions come up depending on the context of the prompt. Creativity plays a huge role in my masterpiece because 20 minutes from now I will be interviewing the Santa Maria Sun staff writer Camilla because she happens to be a professional journalist.  This was all facilitated for me and my training purpose of becoming a professional writer with credidation to Dr. David Preston of course because he was the one that introduced me to Camilla in the first place. He provided the resource and this is me taking full advantage of it for my own overall purpose within this class. Creavitiy stems from within so three really is no 1 answer to the question: how can creativity help with a students masterpiece?

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