Friday, May 2, 2014

Beginnings 5/2/14

  In regards to my masterpiece, I feel that it has completely opened up a new chapter for me in my life because now that I am becoming a more so familiar writer with all the interviews I have been doing and what not, I feel very serious about journalism. From the beginning of the year compared to now, I feel that I have completely applied myself because I'm getting to study something I happen to be very interested in; it's not just another school subject to me for this whole entrepreneurship style of raw journalism always sparks great ideas for me. I can say that due to all the self teaching I have been doing for myself, I have learned to connect better with people thus expanding my network of people that can act as an aid in my long term goal of becoming a journalist. I think it will be easier for me to step foot in an actual professional writing environment such as a newspaper press, magazine publishers, music based writings,etc. now that I have had some practice with how this type of work environment is going to be. This will be my future "chapter"/goal because everything I'm learning in this expository composition class is 90% self learned and 10% traditional teacher to student relationship which does involve teaching. Nothing that I have learned in this class will be going to waste in the future because all of this knowledge I hold onto now such as networking out, self promoting, entrepreneurship and so on are all skills I will be needing for this competitive world. My belief is that if there is a challenge proposed regardless of what it is, I'm more willing to accept this task,challenge, whatever you want to call it for I have acquired a better understanding of how to go about certain issues that will ultimately benefit me as a person and definitely have a better impact on my actual visual work. 

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