Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Opinion Isn't A Right Notes 8/16

Your Opinion Isn't Worth A Thing notes from 8.16.13

  • In order to validate your opinion you need to support it.
  • People will talk about you instead of to you
  • Big people make little peoples opinions small 
  • Interdependence: you depend on others, inter means between so this means collaborating with others 
  • Limbic and intellectual brain: associated with us being social animals 
  • Limbic: emotional part of the brain because emotions are created when you are very young. Sometimes you go limbic because you don't feel like you are being heard. 
  •              Example of this: Children when they don't have the words to convey what their feeling.
  • Reptilian: Part of you that controls functions such as breathing at night, bladder control,etc.

  • What the author of this passage is trying to convey is that when it comes to having an opinion that's fine however it's the things within your opinion that you feel obligated to have which becomes a problem. 
  • People have to change the way they doing something,etc. in order to make your opinion fulfill the fate of being "right" which isn't right at all.

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