Monday, August 19, 2013

Reflections on week 1

  •  There isn't any factors that will contribute to effecting my participation and or experience in this class along with access to a computer. Transportation won't be a problem from what I know so far and in regards to a smart phone, I don't have one. This doesn't effect my work though because I have a computer at home.

  •  An experience that has forever changed me would probably be a time last year when I was attending Righetti as a Junior and got in major trouble. This led to me getting sent away to somewhere that taught me discipline, self respect and responsibility. For 15 months I lived in Roosevelt, Utah along with other teenagers that needed guidance. I knew what I was doing was a problem prior to be getting sent away however I was to ignorant to care enough. The difference between now and then is that now I'm more mature and have experienced things in life that most teenagers have not. Something to this day that I remember how to do is stay in the moment and stay mindful of everything that's going on in the present moment.

  •  The thing that I'm most excited to learn about in this class would honestly be everything and anything because there is an art to what we do in Preston's class, I feel as if it's an on going learning kind of class. There isn't anything that I feel concerned about because everything is pretty self explanatory within the class. I look forward to learning how to connect with others through writing and the technology aspect of communication now these days. I feel as if this class will make a difference in my life in the sense that it will teach me how to become a more insightful/better writer so when the time comes I to will be able to connect with my readers. I have always wanted to write for my career in the future so I feel this is the perfect class to build a foundation to do just that.

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