Friday, August 23, 2013

Synopsis For Fast Food 8/23

   While researching the effects of fast food, I was astonished to find that fast food not just effects the United States however it's spreading now to other countries whom have had a history of being healthy from the start. As all fast food industries exceed in their growth, so does the consumers stretch in their budgets because fast food as "fast" and convenient. It's a known fact that majority of the traditional roles of men and women have been altered quite a bit due to living environments, the economy,etc. therefore not a lot of people have the time for a proper sit down meal that contains the proper nutritional values for we are always on the go, go go! Norway, Spain, South Korea, China, Thailand, Chile, Israel are just a few examples of countries that are getting more involved with fast food as well as the business of the fast food industry. It's a sad but true fact that with unhealthy eating habits comes a diversity in diseases and symptoms that have a life long effect on its victims.

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The Opposing Side:

  • Statistics show that the number of people in China are slowly but surely starting to fall out of shape and become effected by their consumption of processed/fast food.
  • Most fast food companies are tunneled vision in the sense that their only concern is money 
  • The easiest line of work this day is working somewhere within the fast food industry thus consisting of a manager, on the team,etc. 
  • Majority of the "meats" that are in fast food have chemicals to preserve them so when people put those "foods" in their bodies technically their consuming some chemicals 

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