Friday, August 23, 2013

This Is Phat! 8/23

     A line of chains wouldn't blatantly tell you not to buy their products however they do a damn good job at promoting through the media by pin pointing the luxurious life styles and modeling the happiness that some feel in regards to visual images and smiles through a television screen to you, the consumer. In order to run a cooperation, ( in this case fast food companies) it's essential to know how to sell your product and to whom however the most basic question gets swept under the rug countless times: How is this hurting generations of people? Yet some of us ourselves don't really know how to go about answering this basic question because we don't have to live with diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. we only know of the information we were provided with through education taught in public schools for we are not seeing the effects of what's happening to our bodies right away on the inside.
      A heated topic would be the debate over fast food; how it's good and how it's bad for consumption and or avoidance. Obviously there wouldn't be a thriving company of any sort because the number one thing is customer service and without it your company isn't making money. With this said, I believe there is a 50/50 break between customers and fast food restaurants, each having their own faults. "It's the fast food" "THIS made me fat" "Fast food gave me diabetes" "My doctor says I have a weight problem" These are the countless comments we hear from people however they don't do anything to change their ways for a better alternative of living. So how do we fix the problem?
      In order to sustain a longer life span rationally you can't continue to eat greasy and processed foods, regardless of how convenient and good it may or may not taste. Making little changes in life such as cutting out sodas and sugary drinks, keeping consumption of sweets to a minimum and finding substitute snacks such as organically grown products will help you with your physical health as well as mental. We as a nation have to take the power into our own hands, think about the long term effects and decide where we really want to invest our money. To be in control of your own life takes more responsibility and effort however it's your health that we are trying to preserve here so it should matter.
     It's fair to say that not all consumption and or distribution of fast food will come to a haul because for some this is the only way they know how to make money, through the food industry. It's also fair to say that business will always be business and not everyone can be satisfied BUT they have a job to do which is to sell their products. Fast food has spread not just through the United States but to other countries now that are struggling with diabetes, high blood pressure,etc. which for some countries was unheard of until recently. It's take one to lead by example and another to fallow, be mindful of what is entering your body! Sometimes the effects are unrecoverable.

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