Tuesday, November 5, 2013

7 Times Post 11/5

 After reading Erica's blog post in regards to the Hispanic young man named Andy Lopez whom was shot and killed on the spot after being told to put the fake gun he was holding down, I have come to my own understanding that there may have been more than 1 police officer involved in this case therefore being shot 7 times is no surprise. 
  In specifics, Erica's post was one of the better ones I have come across responding to the issue of the shooting for she was able to relate to the young man as well as use a repeat in words emphasizing how it may or may have not been appropriate for officers to shoot this victim 7 times. Throughout this reading it seemed that Erica was upset with the way police officers handled the situation for hypothetically speaking a life may have been saved that day instead of taken. I think she does a great job at connecting the facts with her personal points she is trying to convey to the reader which majority were able to relate/cite with what she was saying throughout the writings. The use of examples and factual evidence makes this article 10x better in the sense that me (being the reader) am totally able to see why she feels the way she does about this topic along with making this whole written issue easier to fully understand.
   Conclusion wise I see that the big question remains: Why 7 times? Why did Officers have to gun down this victim not just once but 7 times? Was it to ensure death? Or was there more to it such as race involved? Conclusion wise these are the questions that remain however ultimately I feel that this is up to the readers to do their research on the topic and come to a conclusion for themselves about the issue. It's obvious that Erica doesn't agree with what police did that day like I said before however many of us see it differently.
  This compares to Javier's post (another author writing about this issue) in the sense that Javier was able to step back and remain from personal input for he examined all the possibilities as to why 7 shots may or may have not been necessary for the death of Andy Lopez that day.n Javier is able to consider the fact that if police officers were hesitant and did not act on impulse how many civilians lives may have been effected that day. It was after the fact that then police officers were able to identify the weapon as being a toy however evidence shows that in the moment from the distance the gun looked to be a pretty fair sized, automatic weapon that could have done a great amount of damage to not just police forces but innocent victims as well had this weapon been real. Within Javier's post, I can clearly see that he used a vast amount of evidence and other sources which got the reader to see the grey of the situation, not just the typical black/white one extreme to the next of the incident. By far I feel it is fair to say that both these posts had their equal strengths in the sense that the reader was able to perceive the information from which the author's produced however with this said, the way the reader conveyed both posts can be completely different for one post (Erica's) relates more so towards racial discrimination possibly being involved in all of this compared to Javier's post which selected many elements such as all perspectives from the situation to inflict a wondering state onto the reader. 

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