Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Racial Profiling Lives On Notes ( work from 11/4 Absent)


  • So after reading this article about racial profiling and how an officer can use it to his/her advantage, it made me a little concerned not so much for my case but for others that may be a different race and what not that gets looked down upon majority of the time due to society. 

  • It was interesting to find that racial discrimination especially from a law enforcer happens more often than we think yet it's excused and or pushed under "the rug". 

  • Just like the example person used (Tony) reality wise I do see racial discrimination more so towards Latino/Mexican people here in Santa Maria however I don't look down upon it for I feel that an officer has the right to be curious of anyone; white,black,brown,yellow,etc. it doesn't matter. 

  • I here a lot about racial profiling and what not however it doesn't surprised me that many of us are already put into a category before we even speak based on our looks because many others before us may have or may have not given off a bad impression of our "people". 

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