Friday, November 1, 2013

What I see Is All In My Head 11/1/13

 After watching the Selective Attention Test video, I wasn't surprised to see a gorilla walk across the court where the players were passing a basketball amongst one another. The goal was to count how many times the basketball was passed  from player to player because as someone is concentrating trying to keep track of the passes, the gorilla casually walks by. The first time majority of people don't notice this because mentally they are still on the goal of counting all the passes. After watching this video for a second time, majority were able to spot the gorilla!
  Conclusion wise I feel that this video completely ties into our world as we know it now for humans have always been selective of what we hear,see,taste.etc. it's the prime reason why arguments start,fights,misunderstandings,etc. for we are all hearing things differently, understanding things differently and so on. Just like this video, sometimes the context of what is trying to be conveyed needs to be broken down for people so they are on the same page as the person they are talking to,etc.
   Much of our own understandings are influenced by the universe,family,friends,lovers,acquaintances and so on. With this said, the way we perceive information, process it then speak all takes place in our own little "worlds", our minds. Depending on the situation, sometimes this is something that can be argued and other times it's VERY challenging to get through and into someone else's thoughts for humans feel threatened when their thinking is challenged.

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