Monday, September 16, 2013

Decleration Of Learning Independence Post

    One of the biggest reasons why I as a student am so committed to earning scholarship money is because the bottom line is continued schooling/education can be very expensive and that is a known fact. To learn and to be independent are two broad subjects within themselves however when combining the two ( learning and independence) then this itself is what most people 18+ are learning to do, be independent and self sufficient for a better shot at life. 
   To this day we still see the roles that some play in society, some stereotype roles such as a teacher should do all the teaching, a student should be doing homework,etc. but when we really look at the big picture to situations like this we forget that it's the use of simple technology that facilitates how learning takes place in schools as well as independence for we are able to access whatever information we want without any excuses to be limited HOWEVER mentally we are crippled in the sense that we see we have all of these resources with a click of a button but depending on the individual  we don't know where to begin, how to go about operating things and most importantly how to take the acquiring of information into our own hands as opposed to been given instructions and a time line when to complete this or that.
   To learn independents to me consists of knowing how to be self sufficient, prioritize and manage money with the aid of the technology that's used now days' there isn't a reason why most people shouldn't already be owning their own multi million dollar businesses! Learning to be independence is a foundation that can be built on many levels, not just education wise.

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