Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Freedom Of Choice 9/18 ( absent on this day)

   The pros to being responsible for your own decisions are that you are granted with more responsibility to work with along with being on whatever schedule you facilitate for that day which varies depending on how busy you are. Sometimes when it comes down to decision making, you are limited in the sense that sometimes you don't ultimately know what to decide on so consequentially your final decision already comes with pros and cons in whatever context of the situation it may have been. Though it's harder to make your decisions and stick with them, it's a much more rewarding lifestyle of living for you feel that everyday you are doing something either to benefit you in the moment and or unfortunately work against you. From my own personal experience of living/working on my own, it does become stressful at some points which can fall under a con none the less when I am able to make my own money it's simply breathe taking because I know that I didn't have to depend on anyone for the hard work I put into whatever it is that I may have been doing that day whether it's school, working, chores, etc. The obvious thing about making your own decisions is that in the long run you have to live with the choice that you made and pay a natural consequence for the good or bad of the situation however if you are able to fail repeatedly when stumbling through this phase in your life then have a vast amount of gratitude for these are cons working against you to help create many more pros once you have fallen into a routine of an independent life style.

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