Monday, September 16, 2013

No Child Left Untableted Response 9-16-13

   Majority of teachers agreed with one another when it came to the subject of using technology in the classroom environment was purposed and most said "they don't prefer looking at a screen over their students in order to teach a lesson,etc". Most educators prefer to keep the style of education traditional however with time progressing on it's inevitable that technology will not be used in all education systems for the near future. A couple teachers had to agree in the sense that they claimed it was much more easier/efficient to be able to prepare a lesson on a laptop, tablet,etc. and present it from the hardware itself as opposed to writing vast amounts of critical information all out on a white board then expecting students to copy it all down where there is a big percentage of those students that 1. were not paying attention 2. missed some information and 3. just blatantly don't understand what it is that's trying to be conveyed for the lesson of the day. By giving a student the technology based item,etc. and letting them step into the world of maturity and self management, the future is looking bright, literally bright with glowing screens containing all kinds of information waiting to be worked with and transformed into something great!

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