Monday, September 30, 2013

My Value post 9/30

   The value of life differs per person because each individual views life in a different way. The value of life to me resembles that of being able to wake up everyday with a healthy beating heart and a roof over my head. The more intellectual value of life way for me would be that each day it's inevitable  to learn something new however to be able to learn something new, take it, and apply it to a life lesson shows that I as a person are willing to go through this life failing again and again for this is the easiest way yo succeed. Blatantly, something I value in life is that we are able to grow everyday so this in itself carries much value. It's not the materialistic things here and there in life that I feel grateful for but instead that of being able to eat, sleep, breath and know that there are many people whom I owe some gratitude to.

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