Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hacking My Education 1/8/14 Post

  When it comes down to "hacking" my own education, I feel it's 100 % to know exactly what it is that I want to be learning about. How I'm going to go about doing so and most importantly who will be a helping hand in this self improving goal is crucial to these long term goals.

What I'm aiming for:

  • To explore all my options I happen to be interested in 
  • Become more engaged/take a bigger advantage of the help that's offered not just by teachers but the students interested in the same fields of study as well. 
  • Take valuable information that applies to me, leave out that which doesn't. 
How I want to go about this: 
  • Already I have considered becoming a writer, I'm currently enrolled in Mr. Garcia's: Magazine Publication class. It feels uncomfortable to be in there sometimes because I don't know many of those students however it's a good change for me. I say this because becoming comfortable wit the uncomfortable plays a big part in reality.
  • SERIOUSLY buckle down and put in the work that's needed. I say this a lot but now I even find my talk as cheap. 
  • Hold onto helpful students, don't just use them then discard of them. New friendships can be formed through this and an important foundation/network  can be built out of this. 

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