Friday, January 31, 2014

5 Credible Sources-Probation 1/31/14

these are my 5 credible sources that I have come by in order to use for "what I want to be" when I grow up. 

I would say that all of these sources of information grab my attention and I trust what the author has to say out of each and every one of these sources because some of them are interviewing probation officers on what it's like to be in their world.

Each piece has led me to other valuable information in the sense that I now know what it takes to become a probation officer and what exactly school is going to look like if I do go through with becoming a probation officer. 

Each of these pieces inspire me to look for more information that is involved with the probation officer life style and what not. I want to be able to know more details as to what and how probation officers go about their days when on call ( out of office) and when in the office. 

All elements of these pieces are things that I would design in a way where I would be able to fit it into my own research paper. 

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