Thursday, January 16, 2014

Visual Storytelling 1/16/14

 3 Techniques That Make Visual Story Telling Effective

1. The use of a primary source such as a character talking about contretemps that have put them in their current state and or situation. This mostly appeals to many viewers emotions because some things within a movie that get talked about seem like they could have been avoided, its very unfortunate in regards to what happens to some people out there in the world. 

2.  To be able to have a variety of characters that get interviewed and what not is effective in the sense that out of the cull of people they all have important information to offer based on the same context of the situation. In this case the movie Murder Ball because all of the athletes can relate to one another and have all come together for the same purpose. 

3. When watching a movie a lot of the times something I notice is how the camera is supervened throughout scenes thus making the audience feel different emotions come up as they fallow the line of the story.

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