Friday, January 17, 2014

Life After post 1/17/14

 When I graduate high school I see my life as something that will be moving up in progression rather than regression. I say this because when the day comes and I graduate high school that will be considered a pretty happy day maybe one of the most I have had in a while for I had accomplished something truly great. I served my 4 years and now I will be moving on in life coming across new people and places that I may eventually call my home in the future. Since my Freshman year I have always been the type that wanted to prove my independence however financially is was stuck because I was to young to hold a job and understand the concept of money,etc. Now as time ticks and these 5 months continue on it feels good to look back and reflect on the fact that I have grown so much not just physically but mentally as a student, a daughter, a cousin an an overall person.

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