Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Choice - A Personal Impact 1/9/14

 "The Choice" was a passage written by a father talking about the choice he had to face in regards to his daughter that had cancer. The choice was whether to continue giving her a deadly medication that kills all growing cells or to completely stop with all of the treatment. This story shows how each and every one of us have to continuously make choices that can either make us or break us. 
  A personal choice that I have had to make in the past that impacted my life was when I had to put down one of my dogs's because she was very old, dealing with many problems physically. The choice that I was ultimately faced with was either to let the vet put down my dog or let her continue to live  in the condition that she was in. After weighing the pros and cons to each choice, my final decision was to put her down because then she won't be in anymore pain. I remember I felt so guilty because I couldn't stop thinking about how I was the one who facilitated to take my dog's life. For a while I felt very depressed because I had my dog since she was a puppy however I knew that I had to put aside my own feelings and think about what would be best for her. By far I feel that this was the hardest decision I have had to make in my life  for my life was completely changed while another life came to a complete cease that day.

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