Monday, February 24, 2014

Masterpiece Essay #1 2/23/14

                         Human Computer Interaction (H.C.I) Masterpiece Essay  

   Based on all the sources that I have come across in regards to Human computer Interaction, it's

 obvious now that human computer interaction is literally the study of people interacting with

technological devices and systems that make up our world today. Human computer interaction is a great

 field of study I believe because the range of jobs is very broad in the sense that if you are the type of

 person that likes working with computers then there is a job for that, if you are the type of person that

 likes network administration careers then there is a job for that within this field of study.

   Human computer interaction is unique because lets face it, our world today relies so heavily on

technology such as cell phones, medical based equipment, iPhones,etc. so many of these things that we

 use almost every day of our lives that help us find out certain information along with entertain us.

When putting all of the acquired information together, I was able to come up with the conclusion that

 human computer interaction is going to be a thriving industry in the future for this world is

 transforming completely into computers for pretty much everything!

   With this said, the reason why I chose to go with this line of study was due to the fact that I myself

 see that this world is slowly but surely going to sink deeper and deeper into technology and what it has

 to offer society. I also know that I like to help people in general so by being able to work some line of

 study within the broad range of human computer interaction, I can kill two birds with one stone in the

 sense that I am working with technology along with helping people that may not understand certain

 things about technology like I do.

   As fashion and other things in this world start to change, so does the taste of technology for the

 common person within our growing world today. Another great thing about human computer

 interaction is that you can actually be the one to build what the different technology based products

 look like. This is cool because if you tend to be the kind of artsy person, then you are able to achieve

 this while also designing new features that can be quite a booming industry.

   In order to build the foundation for this line of study, I have to be familiar with certain vocabulary

 terms that get used a lot when it comes to this line of business. Certain terms include: user interface, jail

 breaking,  computer networking and so forth… Being able to have great communication skills is a plus

 as well because typically someone in this field will have to communicate with customers and other

 people based on what it is exactly they are doing when it comes to the broad range of human computer

interaction jobs and what not.

  When I was in the process of trying to figure out what it was exactly that  I wanted to do outside of

high school, I never thought that human computer interactions was something that I would be some

 what interested about because I have never been the type of person that's obsessed with computers and

 other technology such as that. I believe the thing that interests me the most when it comes to this career

 is that you are able to help people better understand their evolving world along with making a

 difference in their lives.

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