Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Peer Review Post Assignment 2/19/14

This is a post dedicated to viewing/evaluating 5 peers from Preston's 0 period class on how well their blogs are put together, up to date and so forth... 

1. Daniel Alvarez - this student had a very clean, organized and up to date blog. 

2. Valentina Alvarado - this student had a blog that had a nice contrast of colors that wasn't extremely overwhelming. She was very organized and her blog looked very neat layout wise.

3. Jacob Caldwell - this student's blog had some personality in it which could be seen through current posts and its overall look.

4. Carlos Serrano - first impression wise, I was impressed by this students blog because every assignment was up to date and it had a nice contrast of red that kept the viewer engaged...personally I believe. 

5. Robert Rucobo - Although this student's blog looked bland, it was nice because assignments and what not were very easy to find; there were not any "bells and whistles" to this students blog which made finding information fast and efficient. 

*** I Think it's fair to say that all 5 students did an excellent job on keeping their blogs up to date along with keeping a great viewers' appeal in the sense that there blogs weren't terribly messy and unorganized. All blogs had easy navigation thus making everything easy to find. 

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  1. Loren, your blog is great, all your posts stand out and show how smart you are and into your work you get. You really should be a writer you write great!!