Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Team post 2/26/14

  Today everyone was able to go around to different groups and see what one another was working on and what their ideal goals were,etc. Based on my own findings, I was able to come up with the conclusion that many of my peers all have a variety of fields they would like to study. In particular, those that I gravitated towards the most happened to be those that were studying the subjects of journalism, helping other people and art/music based careers. It was nice to talk to some students that were into engineering and architecture however these aren't fields of study that I could really relate to interest wise.
   I would say that if I was able to continue on collaborating with the other students that were in my range of interest, then we would be able to come up and or help each other out and come up with something pretty magnificent. The one person that I feel would make a great network team member would be Sierra Ramirez because her interest happens to be with taking care of people, helping and just that kind of work. I can relate to this because my intended career NOW is journalism so for every student including Sierra, I would possibly be able to collaborate with them in the sense that I would be able to possibly do a review for them and or write for them if they needed it for this is my strong point. 

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