Friday, February 28, 2014

Journalism Ethic Codes post 2/28/14

 Resource: This is just a quick reading I skimmed over to get a better idea of why journalist have certain ethic codes and what it exactly means. click here.

"This page contains a collection of ethics guidelines from various news organizations worldwide. These include specific news outlets, parent news companies, and trade associations working in different media. To suggest additional codes of ethics..."

Resource: Principles of Journalism site: Here

  After reading this article explaining the principles of journalism, I now understand that you cannot slapdash your way through the truth. What I mean by this when I say it is that when you are a journalist, you are writing for the truth and nothing but the truth on factual life events and other things that carry evidence in regards to your findings. As a journalist, some may think you are capable of writing ANYTHING you want however to a certain extent this isn't always the case.

Resource: Journalism Schools 

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