Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3/3/14 Absent Resource Of The Day

  This is my resource for today. It's interesting because this article basically talks about working with technology along with psychology based fields. Surprisingly, we have come far enough in technology to actually hold therapy sessions, counseling,etc. online via through trusted therapeutic based sights, blogs such as this one and other online related matter. A little history involving engineering psychology is that it's a nice field of study because there are options when it comes to this line of work such as working with humans, different environments, privately owned businesses and government based industries that need instant help.
  Some engineering psychologist help build certain parts to planes which obviously even helps humans out because people need to be places at certain times and what not. To be able to help someone over phone,text, video call,etc. is extremely valuable in our world today because to be able to have an instant gratification when it really matters because a life is at state says a lot about America today.
   I read up on this article and found it extremely helpful because this article carried much insight as to what to exactly these psychologist do for a living and where they are needed in our world. When it comes down to very drastic measures, these psychologist can be extremely helpful when it comes down to finding out what products are best to use and or how to help a human efficiently without a hassle.

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