Monday, March 31, 2014

Raising digital awareness 3/31/14

   When it comes down to building a web site and or blog, the traffic (viewers) that come through  can be crucial to whether your site thrives or dies. It's important to draw traffic to your site for the soul purpose of if your information is knowledgeable and important to others. If this isn't the case, then what's the point?

   On my expository blog, it's easy to address what visitors need because most of the traffic that comes through on my site happens to be other Righetti students that are also in Preston's expository composition class. There isn't really one thing over another that I find more so important than any other subject that happens to be on my blog. I say this because everything I write about are all subjects that I find an interest in therefore they go up on this blog. Other students that need certain information and or an insight into other subject matters are more than welcome to take a look at my site therefore I believe this ties into addressing the visitors needs; they are free to browse the "selection" or product that I set out to display for not just them but the world on blogger. 

   Though I feel my site right now is going well, some steps that can be taken in order to improve the value of the site for my visitors is there can be more visuals in the layout that speak more of my personality. This would be nice because it would be a fair amount of "decoration" however it shouldn't and wouldn't be to overwhelming. When it comes to research and then the actual process of publishing my findings, this value can be improved in the sense that I can go even more so into details on the subjects' matter. 

   By far I feel human ideas are more so important than digital tools because if we had not had the human ideas then we wouldn't have digital tools in the first place! An idea can be anything and that's the beauty of imagination because eventually ideas can turn into a creation, invention and in some cases a life changing phenomenon. It takes an actual human to launch something and or continue to perfect an idea or tool; the invention will work however the human intended it to work give or take. 


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