Thursday, March 6, 2014

Resource Of The Day 2/6/14

  My resource of the day is the Journalist Resource Organization  because this site carries not just one but multiple resources and journal topics that relate to what's happening in our world today. Out of the broad range of listed topics though, the one that I chose to focus on the most would have to be Homelessness in the United States. How is it even possible for people to become homeless in the United States!? We have so much more than other countries don't even compare to so sadly how is homelessness still possible in this country?
   Based off of my own findings and observations in Santa Maria, I can say that majority of the homeless here weren't always like that obviously. Some of the homeless I have talked to, majority of them say that they had it pretty good growing up. It was the choices here and there they made that added up and consequentially contributed to their present time. Regardless, I'm still amazed that even if these people are homeless, we as the vast amount of the rest of the population choose to turn our heads the other way and continue on with our own lives. This is to be expected however not enough of us actually take the time out of our days to stop and genuinely help others that are in need. Personally I feel ashamed that our country is like this, it can change if we really want it to however not enough contribute to the causes out there that are targeted directly for the homeless/less fortunate.
   I could go on and on about why it's unfair that many citizens in this country are homeless and how it shouldn't be that way blah blah blah... however, I think something that would definitely speak louder than words would be facilitating yet another non profit organization that would help these people out so they can at least get back up on their feet and have another shot at life.

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