Monday, March 17, 2014

CARGO Human Trafficking 3/17/14

  Last night there happened to be this movie on called "Cargo" which basically told the story of a young Russian woman by the names of Natasha trying to come to the states without any trouble. She hires this man that promises her and a hand full of other girls that they will make it across the border safe and in time however trusting this stranger was the first mistake Natasha made in the process of trying to come into a country that has so much opportunity. From start to finish, this movie really opened up my eyes because sex trafficking still happens in our world today all over, even the United States sadly. The big idea that stuck with me the most
is that there is no such thing as being "to young" when it comes
to the torturous act of being trafficked. Most victims that are
trafficked tend to be women between the ages 12-25.

  This is an article I came across that told a survivors story in regards to being forced into the trafficking world. What Brianna thought would be a nice change turned into a world of nightmare for this young woman...

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