Sunday, March 16, 2014

Robert Rucobo Santa Maria, CA Artist post 2/14/14

View IMG952014031495102857.jpg in slide show  "Graffiti is my style of art and I hate water colors and ceramics, one thing I love about art is the open expression and how you can do so many things with art because its so diverse. I don't hate anything about art I love art I just hate it when people talk down about Graffiti because it's the most expressive art form out there!" - Robert Rucobo, age: 18, Santa Maria, CA

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Today's resource of the day happens to be one of my peers in admiration for his art style, skills and perseverance in pursuing a career to becoming a professional freestyle artist. That young man goes by the name of Robert Rucobo AKA Bobby from a small city called Santa Maria. Bobby has been drawing ever since he was able to pick up a pencil as a young-
child however he didn't start getting into it on a serious note until he was 16. His favorite styles of art include Graffiti and street art that mostly stems from underground artists some of which being Shepard Fairey, Banksy AROE MSK and the whole Seventh Letter Crew. Though his strong point is art on paper, Rucobo also is a musician so he carries a broad range of artistic abilities which is pretty amazing in itself.  When the time comes, Rucobo plans on continuing his education in art through the Art Institute in Hollywood because there are some of the best artists around in that area where young Bobby can learn much of.
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