Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I, Entrepreneur post 2/11/14

  Question 1 response:

  When it comes to self employment and entrepreneurship, I can say that when it comes to journalism most journalist that start out are indeed entrepreneurs because they need to be disciplined enough to gather enough information in order to organize it then present it when they write. Just like the 16 year old boy in this article, students to can be entrepreneurs if they feel motivated enough and even passionate enough to pursue anything for that matter.

   Question 2 response:

  Would I consider myself an entrepreneur in a way? Yes, I say yes because I to have had to acquire certain information in order to keep my journalism project up and running because it happens to be something that I'm extremely passionate about. With this said, I will admit that there are times where I don't do anything really at  all that can better and or worsen the current information that I have already come across. I am an entrepreneur in the sense that I do have to find my own research, make sure it's valid then collaborate with other students within my fields of interest but when it comes down to money, I do all of this for free. To be honest, after reading the prompt in order to do this assignment, it was hard for me to make sense of the word "entrepreneur" because the way I see it is yes I am self promoting however I'm also a student that does my personal assigned work for this course…

Question 3 response:

  When it comes down to it, our culture today associates entrepreneurship mostly with that of music and other individuals that happened to become successful through the work they were committed to. It's nice because whether we are aware of it or not, this sets up role models,inspirations,etc. because it's setting an example as to what we all can really make of ourselves IF we CHOOSE to really buckle down and handle our work. This basically is the biggest message I get out of self employed people that become extremely successful however I don't think a lot of people sometimes can see along these lines so clearly. Consequentially, I believe this idea should be reinforced in the sense that the message should become more clearer for other individuals to really understand for there is no limit (as cliche as it sounds) on what we can do.

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