Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Resource Of The Day "Dog Pound" 2/5/14


  For my resource of the day, I chose to write a little about the movie "Dog Pound" because when I saw this movie yesterday it reminded me a lot about some of the career choices that some of my peers have chosen to dive into. Because I'm studying to be a journalist, I decided to just use this movie as my "resource" for I feel that I can build off of the overall idea of the movie. A peer of mine by the name of Sierra wants to become a probation officer so when I told her about this movie I was surprised to find out that she to had already seen it. Although this is a movie, some of the events that take place in this movie are actually based off of some reality for the horrible things that happen behind bars happen to teenagers that are sentenced time to serve. After talking to Sierra a little, I was happy to hear that regardless of how tough the juvenile system can be, it's the amount of people that get helped by the end of the day that really matters.

   I personally have not interviewed a probation officer and or corrections officer that works in these kinds of conditions however I think it's easy to draw the conclusion that this line of work takes serious guts people! Especially when it comes down to dealing with teenagers male or female. I do admit that this movie wasn't a direct source along the lines of journalism however I do consider this movie to be a resource for me because it's something I can write about which happens to involve a peer of mine as well for they are choosing to work in this type of environment for a living. To be able to connect 2 ideas together is great practice when it comes to journalism.

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