Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Resource Of The Day 3/4/14

 Howard Rheingold would be my primary resource today because when it comes to journalism, this man definitely knows what he's doing. Rheingold is a writer, critical thinker and a teacher so basically he knows how to find a balance with "doing it all". [His specialty however falls under the lines of being a cultural, social and political implication of modern communication media...] used today. This man has done a lot in society from writing certain books to teaching what he knows at the University of Stanford. I wasn't able to read the whole article however the certain material I came across happened to be a little interview Howard was involved in. He basically said that ever since he got involved with technology, he has been engulfed in it ever since for he wants to work out these little bugs here and there in order to make open source learning and other related issues better known... 

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