Monday, March 24, 2014

Is There An Expert In The House? 2/24/14

  When it comes down to an expert that's involved in my field of study, ideally I would like that someone to be enthusiastic about their job for then there really is no point. This expert should have a great work, positive outlook on situations and has to be willing to  learn new skills,grammar, writing techniques,etc. When it comes down to the work side of the job, this expert must be willing to gather as many resources as they can; this includes being able to be social and talk to people that are involved in whatever the subject of study may be. At first when I first started off with trying to find an "expert" in my field of study, I thought that Preston literally meant a person however this isn't necessarily the case. An expert just has to be someone who knows that they are doing/talking about and can be a very responsible/reliable person that gets the job done.

expert must:

  • Have a background with writing such as journalism, creative writing, poetry and so on... 
  • Be able to constantly keep other workers updated through text,email,etc. if this person along with others (in a team setting basically) happens to be working with others in regards to the same subjects
  • Be able to set a good example so I would be able to shadow them and learn exactly what they do in order to write an article, summary of a topic, etc. 
  • Work well with others of course 
  • Have strong communication skills 
  • Grammar should have a wide range and shouldn't be limited to because description is everything
  • Must be able to stay patient for if they are teaching rookie writers and students  

  This is how I would like an expert to look in the field of journalism for me because then I feel like if I have a connect like this, I would really be able to dive deep into what I have always wanted to do which is write for a living. 

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