Thursday, March 20, 2014

Masterpiece Test 2/20/14

  For the masterpiece Test involving journalism, I must pick an article ( mine being a beat boxer named Dave Crowe in this case) then write a mini essay focusing on the key points to the article. I then will need to define what journalism is along with adding 10 new facts I learned about journalism that I never knew before.

Dave Crowe, professional beat boxer

What is journalism? 

  •   the activity or profession of writing for newspapers or magazines or of broadcasting news on radio or television.
How can it be used? 

  •  Journalism is basically just being able to observe and report back to a source in which then can be used to spread information regardless of what it is. With this being said, journalism can be used in a variety of fields including studying abroad, newspapers, sharing news going on in the world, video journalism and so on...basically ANYTHING can be written about as long as there is evident proof provided that support the authors facts.

Expert Candidate: 

Why him? 

  • Because this man has been through some crazy stuff in his past such as being abducted by Somalian pirates. He to is a journalist writing about a support that he absolutely loves and this interests me for I to love the whole culture that surfing brings. He is an expert that I feel I can relate to the most as well as carrying a very blunt style just like mine.

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