Sunday, March 9, 2014

Benchmark Project 3/9/14


                                        Benchmark Project 

Based on all of the previous work/research that I have been working on from these past weeks, I feel that

 my bench mark project shouldn't focus on just one subject that I have addressed but the many others that

 fallow. With this said, those subjects would consist of human computer interaction based research,

 psychology findings and my latest work which would be journalism. All 3 of these subjects had to do with

 my interests that I possibly wanted to pursue in the future for work or something once I'm able to graduate

 college,extra schooling,etc.


The first "career" of choice that caught my interest happened to be network administration which then

 evolved into human computer interaction, working with the public on technology based things and educating

 those that may have trouble getting certain programs, interfaces,etc. up and running. What first caught my

 attention about this field of work was that it had to do with helping people. By far I feel that all the jobs I

 want to major in involve helping people for that plays a big part in my passion throughout this life so why not

 do it for a living? I then took this into account and decided that working with computers would be nice

 because although I'm not incredibly great with computers, I'm not incredibly horrible either so I feel like I

 would survive in this line of work.


 Later on, I decided that this wasn't really my "passion" however it did sound like a great career of choice in

 the beginning of this whole project. My second choice then turned to psychology because there are different

 lines of psychology thus involve working directly with people which I would prefer. I find the human mind

 and everything about it to be very complicated yet interesting to me; I also have had an intensive experience

 with psychology and therapy related matters which I understand like the back of my hand so this would be a

 field of study I would definitely thrive in. Why I didn't stick with this subject? Because ultimately although

 psychology is one of my strong points, it still wasn't something that suited me life long wise.


The last and most up to date/current choice is journalism because writing is my ultimate passion over

 anything. Journalism is great because you don't  have to research and write about just one thing, journalism

 carries a broad range so whatever you may interested in that's what you tend to write about. I find it

 amazing because I tend to like music and writing; and to my surprise there definitely is a line of writing that

 involves interviewing music groups, traveling with them, working in the studio with musicians,etc. which

 seems very exciting in itself.


Due to only being a rookie at the whole journalism idea, I decided to gather some information on some of my

 peers and write a little article about them so they could post it to their own blogs in order to get their names

 out there and for some help them get their names known through certain networks and media based things.

 I love doing this because I'm not just benefiting myself but I'm helping others in the sense (like I said) that

 certain people are getting their names out there with their work as well. The first student that I decided to

 use for this test run would be Robert Rucobbo, a street artist that I happen to see everyday when I come to

 class. Robby a.k.a Robert has been drawing ever since he was able to pick up a pen as a child. He enjoys

 different artists works however he leans more so towards graffiti and other street forms of art such as this



Based on just the certain amount of information I was able to acquire through constant research, I came

 across many journalist that all had different styles of writing and different subjects that they tended to focus

 on primarily. In regards to the whole benchmark project, I feel that letting my readers know that I am

 sticking with the journalism path is very important because now if it's needed, I can be a great  person to

 contact within a network to use as a resource if someone needs some writing done for them. Though this is

 technically the "final" project, I still feel like there is definitely more research to be done here in order to

 ultimately become big with this idea that I have going now.

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