Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Futre & Technology resource 3/20/14

  I came across this article that talks about what the future will lead to along with what it will bring future students as well. Because we live in a world that's constantly changing more so than ever, it's fair to say that many people don't know what's to come of our world when I along with the generation after this one grows up completely. Many critics believe that to much technology can lead to problems down the road while others continue to welcome more and more new inventions and so on... into their lives for they feel technology aids in many aspects in a life. Some come up with these crazy senarios where humans will be created not just 100 % human DNA but they will also have about a 50% makeup and or be genetically engineered all together. Some will even carry robot traits and different informational disks that get inserted into the human. With this said, many people are convinced that our world will be taken over by "robots" while others (like I said before) want to completely indulge themselves in this new world to come.

   Check out THIS article written by Marita Sturken and Douglas Thomas


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