Thursday, March 13, 2014

Surfing Journalist - Chas Smith 2/13/14

3kxy45ldow5tvm0jgis3.jpeg  Lately I have been exploring a lot of journalism ideas that catch my interest. A recent one that I have come across happens to do with the ocean; surfing. Its origins, culture and lifestyle are all aspects that interest me and because I have some experience with this sport, I feel that it would be a great opportunity to write about. While in the middle of my research, I came across a surfing journalist by the name of Chas Smith. He is known for writing the book Welcome To Paradise: Now Go To Hell  along with his unique articulate style of writing. It was this article  I came across that really interested me because Chas is someone who carries a tough exterior however seems like a very brilliant person at the same time. It would be such an honor to travel the world and write about a sport that I absolutely love for everyone should like their job and more importantly love what they are doing! I really felt the obligation to write about this wonderful dude because his life is very interesting. You can read the passage below that explains why exactly this man is well known in the surf community as a reporter/journalist.       
"Foul-mouthed and notoriously outspoken Oregon-native Chas ‘Charlie’ Smith is a globetrotting, gonzo journalist with a predilection for fashion, surfing, whiskey, and danger. He was the first to ride the waves of Yemen, he has run from gun-wielding pirates in Somalia, and he did a brief stint as a prisoner of Hezbollah, and then lived to write about it, and many other international conflicts and topics, for the likes of GQ, theNew York Times MagazineBlackbook,and Vice." - Resource   

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