Thursday, March 27, 2014

Seeking Mentor 2/27/14

  The expert that I have identified such as someone whom is involved in journalism can teach me a lot in the sense that they can teach me about everything I don't know basically. When you read this you are probably thinking: "Well that's obvious" however when I say this I mean that little key details that sometimes get left out when it comes to this profession are vital pieces of information that I would need to know in order to be a successful journalist. Sometimes this can include knowing of particular people, knowing about certain places that others don't know of, and so on…

   In order to really choose the best mentor, the questions that should be asked are these: Who is the mentor I'm interested in? Why am I interested in this mentor out of the many other ones? What exactly can this mentor help me with? How are they going to do it? The most important question to ask yourself is how is this mentor going to benefit me in the long run if I choose this particular person?

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