Monday, March 24, 2014

This Is Only A Test 2/24/14

                               Masterpiece Test: Journalism

  1. ________  is the activity or profession of writing for newspapers or magazines or of broadcasting news on radio or television.

  2. How many fields of journalism are there currently in the world? (source
  3. Who was the author of Welcome To Paradise: Now Go To Hell? 
  4. List 10 new things that you have learned about the journalism career of choice. 
  5. What is an entrepreneur? 
  6. How can entrepreneurship benefit an upcoming journalist? 
  7. What are the cons of being a journalist? 
  8. What are the pros? 
  9. ________ is an expert candidate for just like Chas, he to was captured by Somalian Pirates. 

10) For #10, pick an article that you are interested in and read it thoroughly. Now write down 10 things you learned about that article. After that, write down 5 subjects that could be possible topics out of that particular article. What is the article about? Who is the author trying to convey their information to? Why? There is no limit on how much you can write for question #10, just write! 

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