Thursday, February 13, 2014

vocab. for human computer interaction #2 2/13/14

  is a popular database application for Windows. Access allows users to create custom databases that store information in an organized structure. 

access point-
  An access point provides wireless access to a network. Devices connected to an access point can communicate with other devices on the network.

  Dashboard is a user-interface feature Apple introduced with the release of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. It allows access to all kinds of "widgets" that show the time, weather, stock prices, phone numbers, and other useful data

base station-
  he towers you see on the side of the road that relay cell phone calls. These stations handle all cellular calls made within their area, receiving information from one end of the call and transmitting it to the other.

batch file-
  is a type of script that contains a list of commands

data type-
  a data storage format that can contain a specific type or range of values.

card reader-
  the generic term for an input device that reads flash memory cards

  the person who is using the operating system such as a computer,etc.

external hard drive-
  This drive stores the computer'soperating system, programs, and other files. For most users, the internal hard drive provides enough disk space to store all the programs and files

hard disc-
   a spindle of magnetic disks, called platters, that record and store information.

 4G is the fourth generation of cellular data standards

 3G refers to the third generation of cellular data standards

fiber optic cable-
  This is a cable made up of super-thin filaments of glass or other transparent materials that can carry beams of light.

file extension-
  A file extension is the last part of a filename, after the dot (e.g. ".pdf"). Most file extensions are three characters long, but they can be shorter or longer as well

  computer emulation is when one system imitates or reproduces another system

  Stands for "Encapsulated PostScript." EPS is a PostScript image file format that is compatible with PostScript printers and is often used for transferring files between various graphics applications. 

  a type of software usually used to help aid in preventing viruses on a computer

  used to clean up a hard drive which includes extra files that aren't needed

  a series of dots that make up an image that are all different colors rather than just a solid color

illegal operation-
  the message that pops up on a computer when a program crashes and or didn't launch correctly

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