Monday, April 14, 2014

Jared Perry's Article 4/14/14

Jared Perry//18//Santa Maria,CA//2014
Jared Perry is a young up and coming entrepreneur from Santa Maria, CA… a small town that holds about 6,000 people. Perry has many passions however the biggest one that sticks out would be his passion for deep sea fishing and most importantly his hunger for knowledge. Over these four years of high school I have become more and more familiar with Perry and I feel it's appropriate to say that this young man will most definitely be successful due to all the hard work he puts into life itself. Perry currently is working to eventually create his own app/social network. So far, some professionals he has been working with happen to be David Preston, Mr. Bianco, Dalinda Gonzalez-Alcantar (CEO of Ejucomm) and Gabi Perzeview. All in which share the same goal, to eventually build an app/social network for those that are truly passionate about their doings,findings and so forth. 

  Perry quotes: "I'm in pursuit of change and time in this world because I believe time is more valuable than any amount of money." When talking to Perry it's clear that within his character he is very passionate about his purpose and what he intends to do within the next years of his life outside of high school. "I plan on going to Community college and deciding whether or not if I'm going to attend a 4 year considering the cost and risk." To come across people like Jared is extremely exciting because it's young people like this out of this current generation that ideally will have these great ideas and know how to work with them. With that said, I myself find the anticipation of waiting for this acquaintance to just explode and run the future market of technology/communication very exhilarating! 

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