Friday, April 11, 2014

Mercy For Animals 4/11/14

 Recently I have made a commitment to stop eating all types of meat because after watching this video, I really felt sick to my stomach. It's very shocking and therefore makes me extremely sad to see how humans can be so cruel to animals like what's shown in this video used as one of my resources. It was crazy to really stop and think about this situation because how can I be so certain that other meat factories and what not actually treat their animals with respect? Besides animals' being neglected/abused, another big factor that stood out to me was this...Many of our meats along with dairy products today happen to have a vast amount of hormones and other unnatural substances that these animals ingest which then becomes our problem for we are consuming all of this poison. I could imagine over time this would carry a very negative effect on our bodies for that's just not natural! So why would I want to continue eating this stuff if these farmers and whomever raises these animals only care to make their livestock grow faster than what's natural and produce more than they normally do? Does this seem healthy? Does this seem fair to the animals? Ultimately I do think it's necessary for most of us to wake up and acquire a better knowledge of what exactly we are consuming and what it's made up of rather than just eating it because it's there and or convenient. Unnatural chemicals and animal cruelty were to two big reasons why I personally wanted to make a difference and stop eating meat for I didn't want to be a contribution to the chaos that goes on within these factories.. Many people tell me "Just because you stopped eating meat doesn't mean these factories are going to stop" however this is a personal choice I have made not just for my health but for the animals as well. You Choose.

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