Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The crossroads Between Should And Must 4/19/14

  After reading the assigned article today, it was interesting to stop and really analyze the whole process of how to make a decision. There's a fork in the road, you have the option to either go left or right however you can only choose one. This in itself is a decision for if you choose to go left then there is pros and cons and if you choose to go right there to stands pros and cons waiting for you. 

   Just like "should" and "must", there is always going to be that fine line difference between you should do something and you must do something because there is no room for negotiation there. Regardless, this to plays a key role in decisions and prioritizing. 

   Now that I have broken down the meaning behind each line the author wrote about within the assigned article, I believe that in my own personal life there always is forks in the road. Yes I admit I have had my fair share of "hitting a bump in the road" for the road I was on metaphorically speaking wasn't the greatest choice for me. Eventually, I find that over time I am able to compare between the two roads and ultimately take the path to success for that is destined to be my best bet...obviously. 

   As I sit here writing this, the decision between should and must is pretty self explanatory however for those that don't understand, one is a choice and the other is not. I'm a Senior in high school about to graduate because it's what I have CHOSEN for myself; to be successful. In order to stand on my own two feet financially, I MUST be able to sustain an acquired job if I want to have freedom to live on my own. 

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