Monday, April 14, 2014

Request For Response Essay - Parental Involvement 4/14/14

   I was shocked to see an article by the name of "parental Involvement Is Overrated" because to me, it's very important to acquire the right amount of guidance as a child for this builds a foundation for how that certain child will act/be overall in the future. Regardless of the ethnicity, it was very interesting to read about how some parents can actually have a negative effect on their child's learning due to helping them with certain things here and there such as homework. When you break it down though, how does this even make sense?

   Growing up I have always had a memory in which one of my parents were involved. My mom is a teacher so if I needed help with a math problem and or any school related subject she was the person to go to. If I had a question about history and things of that nature I would then turn to my dad. Now that I'm in my Senior year of high school, I have noticed that I have been needing my mother more so now than ever due to "adult issues" such as filing taxes, dealing with Fafsa related issues and so on. I just can't picture not having any guidance from a parent at all during my years of  elementary school to high school for they have played such a detrimental part in my life from the time I was born to now, my young adulthood. While reading the parent article, I found this quote from the readings: " Even the notion that kids do better in school when their parents are involved does not stack up."  

   To me, something about that saying just doesn't sit right with me because there is so much I can say in order to justify the reasons why it's extremely important to seek the help a child needs especially when it comes down to education/school related issues. Sure, it's fair to say that majority of an education should ultimately stem from a child and a child only. This meaning that child is responsible to carry their own weight and do their homework, show up to class, pay attention, study for tests...all that however the fact that kids will do "better in school when their parents aren't involved" just doesn't make sense! Say this child has a problem and doesn't turn to their parent for guidance, I hope they would then turn to a teacher of some sort however this teacher most likely is a parent themselves so how would you expect a school kid to ever get away from parenthood when it's all around them including their work environments/school? 

   Regardless of the ethnicity of the child, I think ultimately the power falls into the child's hands because they either can be independent and or to dependent on their parents in which these parents have a habitual routine of rescuing their kid from stress related situations in school or just life in general. The problem with this though is certain life lessons that are healthy for a child to learn aren't being fully and adequately learned because there really isn't an opportunity for this child to learn without their parent always stepping in and rescuing that kid from whatever that comes up. Within a classroom environment it's evident to witness what children will struggle in life and what children will thrive ultimately because their parents have been able to establish a healthy boundary, not an "over protective" boundary that does and will effect the child's learning capabilities. 

   With this controversial issue, I can see both sides to the situation when it comes down to a parent helping their kid in school and if it's beneficial and or works against the kid. This article happened to be a huge eye opener for me because I had no idea that for some people, parent help (to much of it at least) can actually have a crucial impact to a kid's overall well being and mental capabilities. When I say "mental capabilities" I don't mean medical issues such as retardation and what not... what I mean by this is that certain kid's realize "Oh if I ever am put in a situation where something becomes to "hard" for me it's okay because my mom or dad will always bail me out of the situation and help me." Sure kids' don't just come out and say this however it's totally noticeable because kids are smart...they know what their doing and what they are lacking to do. I guess you can say that when it comes to growing up and placing these kids in society, these will be the kids that will be incredibly lazy because they have grown up with the handicap aid that they never needed in the first place, they themselves just needed to thrive which they probably won't get a chance to do unless they are able to break the cycle which becomes hard to do in the future. 


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