Friday, April 11, 2014

Journalism And Its Advantages 4/11/14

  Now that we all have a basic understanding of what journalism is, it comes down to a point where individuals can take their writing and personalize however much and or however little they want to. Journalism isn't just used to inform,educate and or persuade; it can also be used for personal reasons such as a coping mechanism,stress release and other therapeutic purposes. A very big reason why I enjoy writing so much is because it's a way I can let out thoughts,emotions and feelings without having to verbally state exactly what I'm feeling in that moment because in all honesty sometimes I don't know how I'm feeling depending on what has happened to me that day. To be able to arrange and rearrange words to your own liking is a great skill to have because the better you are at description the better an idea on paper can be conveyed to an audience or the better you are able to express yourself when you are feeling overwhelmed,etc. Creative writing and poetry are something that I'm very fond of as well which comes as a surprise to many people for they don't see me as someone to be into poetry of all things. I enjoy writing for my own sanity because like I have said, when I can't convey a message through words verbally in the moment writing is just something that always does the job for me. 

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